So then, what is the point of this blog?

It all started with my final assignment for one of my TR specific courses; literature summary of evidence-based practice in therapeutic recreation and a resulting project that related back to that evidence.  Several of my classmates focused on intervention resources, but I wanted to hone in on our entire profession and the importance of being recognized as an essential part of the healthcare team.

Evidence – The Importance of Role Clarification & Awareness:

As one of the competencies to effective inter-professional collaboration, role clarity is the level of understanding that healthcare professionals have of their own roles and the roles of other professionals.  When staff understand each other’s professional role, the best use of their knowledge, skills, and abilities are maximized, which results in improved patient care.

Connecting Evidence-Based Practice to my Project:

Even after decades of providing recreation and leisure therapies, recreation therapy professionals have a long history of being misunderstood and misrepresented.  Though we do strive to put the fun in FUNctional, recreation therapy professionals are an integral part of the healthcare team that through meaningful outcomes and goals, aims to improve the well-being and quality of life of our clients.

After much online searching, I was disappointed to find very little in the way of therapeutic recreation marketing strategies and promotional materials.  This lack of professional promotion has many implications for the profession, that often become compounded; the lack of: professional awareness, low entrance into education programs, lack of internship opportunities for students, quality staff, funding, participant participation (clients), program design and delivery, and interdisciplinary understanding.

My project began as an idea; a binder full of concept designs and a list of suggested items to place those designs on, however, it quickly developed into a much broader idea.  I wanted to create a hub of sorts where recreation professionals are able to find resources, marketing and promotional items, networking opportunities, and general information regarding recreation therapy.  Two weeks before my project was due, this web space was born.

Note:  This is a personal blog.  All ideas, thoughts, and opinions are my own (*unless otherwise identified).

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