Activity Idea – Decorating Easter Eggs with Silk Ties!

Most people enjoy decorating Easter eggs; it often reminds us of times with our children, our family, and even when we were children ourselves. (Yup, we could also list the many physical, emotional, cognitive, and social aspects, but I’m assuming we’re already on the same page…)

Last year, two classmates presented an incredible Easter egg decorating activity idea to our class and today at work, we gave it a whirl.  Though I saw the results of this method myself last year, I wasn’t sure if we could produce the same incredibly beautiful eggs.  Let me tell you, we did!

Now I’d like to share it with you, click here to download the PDF file I’ve created from the blog post, originally by Sara Wells.  I’ve also seen a method similar to this, which our family attempted last year, using real flowers and leaves.

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