So Many Amazing Humans…

There truly are so many Amazing Humans out in the world, working hard to change the face of continuing care for all persons, young or old.

I contemplated for a long time about sharing photos, stories, or videos I see online via this blog.  As many times, they can become repeats…  But there are ones that really touch my heart.  There are Amazing Humans out there who are simply trying to do their part in creating a better life for others and they deserve to be celebrated (and the world certainly needs more of them!!).

Let’s be honest, these types of posts are good ‘filler’ and they make your heart grow!!  So in my few moments of free time this morning, I came across this video on FaceBook of an Amazing Human in Scotland who takes elderly folks out for bike rides.

If you know an Amazing Human that you would like to see highlighted here, please send me a message.

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