Paid Internships! Awards! Attention Students!! SCiP!

Why websites like these aren’t part of your student welcome package, I have no idea, but I am sharing it now!  Serving Communities Internship Program should be on every student’s list for practical experience and employment opportunities!

What is an SCiP internship?

A mutually beneficial opportunity for both nonprofit/voluntary sector organizations and students.

  • nonprofit organizations gain valuable human capacity
  • post-secondary students add to their résumés, skills, and networks while also receiving a $1000 bursary.

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Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds

Another random find…  But one that totally deserves a Shout Out!!

“Lying on the floor pretending to roar like a lion can do wonders for an elderly man’s well-being. That’s not a scientific fact, but it was one of the surprising and memorable moments we observed while making a television program which introduced a group of very young people with residents of a retirement village.

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Cycling Without Age!

Remember last week when I posted about the Amazing Human who biked folks who lived in continuing care all around in Scotland??…  Well, just this afternoon I came across another video (sorry, it is a link to FaceBook) that was identical to the first, the only difference was, it highlighted not only one Amazing Human but several, all banding together to create an international volunteer program!  So, I had to share!

Find a link at the bottom of the page to the current Canadian chapters.

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