Kids + Edmonton + Things to Do!

If you work with children in the Edmonton area (or are a parent), this post is for you!  A friend of mine shared this amazing resource with me and I thought that it deserved a shout out.

From their website Raising Edmonton:  “Maybe you’re a new parent and you’re searching for the parent-friendly places that you’re going to find in the city. Maybe you’ve lived here for a while, have passed the terrible twos and you’re just looking for a place to get out of the house. Maybe you need inspiration to add some fun into your life, and you just don’t know where to start in the community around you.  We’ve got you covered.

They have an events calendar, a preschool directory, indoor & outdoor playground directories, and a birthday guide.  Most of the activities they list are low cost and available to many ages (even adults!), the website is simply geared towards parents looking for ways to entertain their kids/families.

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