Why So Quiet?

When it’s quiet around these parts, you know life has me by the…

I officially started university on September 6th and have felt like I’ve had my head buried since!  Between the kids back at school, their extracurriculars, work, and school, I am swamped!

I want to share with you an amazing quote from one of our instructors when asked his opinion on our professional standing within the health team, I thought it was brilliant!

“I believe we need to stop being concerned with how other professions view TR and focus on writing solid SPPs with measurable outcomes, those will guarantee respect. (ZC, 2017)”

I think that response is referred to as a “mic drop”…  That statement is full of power, accountability, responsibility, and ownership.  It’s PERFECT.  And I want to pull that one out every time someone asks me about what I think of others perceptions of our profession!

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