Canada’s Own “Dementia Village” & INCREDIBLE Puree Resource

A few days ago my daughter sent me a link to a recent and exciting news story: Canada’s first ‘dementia village’ is set to open its doors in Langley, BC, next year.  The Village’s design was inspired by Hogeweyk, the world’s first dementia village, in The Netherlands; the main difference being the Village will be in a rural setting on five acres.

Their website: The Village.

Exciting or what?  We won’t discuss the cost to stay at this facility, BUT, we’re headed in the right direction, no?

The other incredible resource that I wanted to share was actually given to me just yesterday by the dietary manager at work.  I had pointed her to the Village website and was telling her about my dreams for continuing care…  She invited me into her dream world; The Marsan Recipe Database, which is a comprehensive recipe puree program – check it out!

Be sure to send me any fantastic resources or news stories that you come across!

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