How you feel after listening to Dr. David Sheard?

You know that guy?  Butterfly care homes.  Dementia care matters.

To be honest, I’m still processing it all.  I am incredibly inspired, yet I already feel defeated.  Creating a change of culture takes such dedication I wonder if I am up for the task, I know I want to be part of the change (and not just in dementia care).  I did ask him how it is that we navigate being the push against the current quality of care in care facilities.

He told me that I had two choices, 1) Find like-minded people or an organization that aligns with my care beliefs and values and work for/with them, or 2) Follow the lonely path of being a ‘disrupter’.

The topics Dr. Sheard covered in his speech:

Cure: There will be no single cure for dementia.
Human Rights: There is no room for a malignant social psychology of care.  “Malignant cultures of care are where people are made to fit into the services policies, systems, and routines of other organizations, where people who seek high levels of mutual care, boredom, lethargy, staring into space, where controlling care is the culture of where people are reduced and diminished to the point where they have no alternative other to express behaviours which are the results of repressed and oppressed feelings.  The future of dementia care totally rests on us believing that the people with dementia are no longer thinking beings and are feeling beings better than us, because when they are they no longer work from facts, and logic and reason and memory they are working from a level of emotional intelligence that means they see the world exactly as it is”. – Dr. David Sheard
Culture: “Our current cultures of care in every country of the world is the “rotten seed of mediocrity”.
Global: The future of dementia care will be a global concern.
The Future: “Stop innovating, start disrupting”.  – Dr. David Sheard
Scandals: It will take scandals to actually create change.
Marches: Why is there no public movement?
Media: The key to change to challenge the future of dementia care.
Celebrities: The support and power of celebrities is astounding; Canadian celebrities are the key to awareness.
Prisons: Have we considered this future society issue?
Children: Education, intergenerational services, next-generation change in governments.
Ethics: Women’s rights as carers.
Vaccines & Stem-Cells: Only for a small number of the population.
Taxation: Are we prepared to pay for the future for dementia care?
Specialism: “All that David Sheard stuff is old hat”.  Specialism is not the future, the best dementia care of the future is simply the best care.
Viruses: The impact and growth on dementia.
Aliens: New innovations and technologies?  Who knows?
Hospitals: Will face the biggest healthcare challenge they’ve ever seen; 70% of every acute ward will have people with dementia.
Home: We’re simply creating home.

I will never think the same about the Wizard of Oz again, that’s for sure!

A huge thanks obviously to Dr. David Sheard, to the University of Alberta Faculty Club for providing an amazing dinner, to the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) for sponsorship to attend, to my Recreation Therapist for giving me her seat, and to the organizers of the event.

PS, in the 3rd week of May, the Toronto Star will be releasing a documentary online regarding care in Ontario, keep your eyes open, it will be a ‘disrupter’!

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