February 2019 – MishMash & TR Month!

Oh boy! A whole bunch of stuff!


  1. Caregivers Alberta’s Movie Night featuring the Caregiver’s Club
    Date & Time: Feb. 28 – 6:30 – 9pm
    Cost: $10

Education & Professional Development Opportunities:

  1. Laughter, Wellness – Laughter Online University

Best Practice:

  1. AHS – Provincial Seniors Health Portfolio – Palliative and End of Line Care – While establishing the importance of keeping the public informed about initiatives/best practice, there is a survey to find if their resources (newsletter/bulletin) are meeting the public needs.
    Survey ID is 8lK35m630/
    Survey will close March 1, 2019


  1. Improving mealtime experiences: I’m currently in a TR Research course and in one of my assignments I took a look at mealtime experience. In my searching I came across a few resources that I’d like to share:
  2. Health Care and Religious Beliefs – a resource by AHS that highlights
    the most pertinent issues of a patient’s spiritual and religious care.
  3. Ambient Activity Technologies ABBEY.
  4. For reminiscing with older clients – The Canadian Nursing History Collection
  5. Templates, templates, and more templates!
  6. Minute to WinIt Games Ideas & more Minute to WinIt – Printables.
  7. MyTools4Care – Support care partners of persons with dementia.
  8. I realize this is now late, however, it is still valuable! A lovely PDF for Christmas full of great printables.
  9. City of Edmonton Intergenerational Programming Toolkit
  10. Recreation and Wellness Directory for Older Adults – Edmonton
    Seniors Coordinating Council
  11. Arts & Aging Toolkit – Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council
  12. Arts & Aging Toolkit – Creativity Matters
  13. Senior Theatre – Resources

Blogs & Websites:

  1. Grow Through Flow – A new TR blog that everyone should be following!
  2. Not Just Bingo – Activities and resources.
  3. Education.com – Activity resources for kids
  4. reCreation Potentials – Expressive Arts for TR

TR Month Resources:

  1. ReCreative Resources – TR Month resources

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