Summer is here! Another Round~

While I still have my final practicum to go in the fall, I’m pretty pleased to announce that as of today, I have officially completed all of my required course work for my degree! It has been an incredibly long four years! So, while everyone else in my house is sleeping in, I’m up emptying out the inbox!

Professional Advancement Resources:

  • Health Care Providers ReLATE/ReSPOND Toolkit: outlines communication strategies that healthcare providers can use to build positive relationships with their patients/clients. They have created both an Acute Care Toolkit and one for use within the Community.
  • Strength-Based Perspective: While we all work hard to view our clients from a strengths-based perspective, I still need reminders here and there. This article is an excellent read and there is also a great comparison chart in the appendix.
  • NCTRC Certification Exam: I will soon be gearing up to take this exam in my quest to be nationally certified. If there are any fantastic resources that are a must-have for study prep, please post them here! This PDF provides an outline for the exam.
  • Neighbourhood Time – This was shared with me by one of the TR professionals that I work with. The best explanation that I can give is that neighbourhood time(s) are basically recreation and/or leisure opportunities on the go. Though I couldn’t locate anything online that referenced this to add to this post, I will share the PDF that was sent to me. We plan to add this sheet to the folders of recreation resources that we leave for nursing on the units.

Community Resources:

  • Sage’s: Senior Centres, Clubs & Groups by Area of City and Surrounding Communities PDF.

Program & Activity Resources:

Articles & EBP:

Other Resources:

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