More Stuff – July 2019

Hello everyone! Where has summer gone?! Regardless of the time sweeping by, I’m working hard to clear out my inbox(es) and have a few items to share:



  • I am working on putting together a small resource and am looking for TR professionals who would be interested in providing contacts for entertainers, facilitators, etc for the greater Edmonton region. I would like to have a shareable document that would be available for download. Please post below or send me an email!
  • Another item I am hoping to work on is sharable Program Plans. While I currently work in LTC and most of the plans I will be sharing will obviously focus on this population, I feel that starting from something is always easier than starting from scratch. I invite you to contribute to this effort, as Recreation Professionals, I would bet that we spend at least half of our time putting together resources, etc. This could be time we could be spending with our clients. Please comment below or email me. Here are six to get the ball rolling: Cooking & Baking, Facility Socials, Games, Meal Groups, Manicure Program, and Exercise Group. If you have any feedback for these, please feel free to comment.
  • Elder Friendly Care Toolkit – by Alberta Health Services, which supports care teams working with older adults in acute care facilities.


  • I don’t remember how I came across this resource, but for those heading into a practicum placement, this PDF document may be of some assistance when creating your goals. It offers examples as well as a planning sheet.

Food for Thought:

  • In Being Mortal with Atul Gawande, he discusses how we need to refocus our priorities of care when working with clients who can not be “fixed”, a very interesting perspective.

Professional Development:

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