Caregiver Resources


Caregiver Resources:
Alberta Caregivers Association – Protecting the health and well-being of caregivers.
Alberta Caregiver College – “The material is designed to provide optimum care, to provide information on various resources, and to build confidence and self-reliance of caregivers.”  An amazing resource for caregivers put together by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.
Caregiver Navigator Workshop – Navigator is a one-day workshop that trains health professionals, service providers and community agency staff to better support caregivers by showing them how to: identify caregivers early in their journey, support caregivers to adopt self-care practices, and facilitate caregivers’ access to programs/resources and referrals.

Please send me your Caregiver resources, this is a very vital bit of information not only for ourselves and our colleagues but for the loved ones of those we provide care for.