Cycling Without Age!

Remember last week when I posted about the Amazing Human who biked folks who lived in continuing care all around in Scotland??…  Well, just this afternoon I came across another video (sorry, it is a link to FaceBook) that was identical to the first, the only difference was, it highlighted not only one Amazing Human but several, all banding together to create an international volunteer program!  So, I had to share!

Find a link at the bottom of the page to the current Canadian chapters.

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Continuous Call for Resources!

I plan to post a call out for resources at least every 3 months.   To date, I’ve had very few submissions, which is okay, I’m willing to be here for awhile.  This will be a go-to resource (even if just for me!).

While in our certificate program (first year), we had a project where we were to create resource binders.  I wish that I had the idea of this blog then, but alas, I have three binders full of paper, to which I’ve only looked at once or twice since they were created.  I’ve been religiously adding to them, but I’ve not had the time to organize, or even review what I’ve collected over the last two years.  I would like to eventually have my entire resource binder’s content within this blog, but I’ll to be honest, that transfer will take awhile (aka: free time).

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Subscriptions – Added!

Though I realize this isn’t the most active blog at this point (HINT, HINT, I’m looking for people, places, or things to post about!!), however, I’ve finally had a minute to sit down and focus on turning on the subscription service for this blog (yes, it really was simple, but learning WordPress is like learning a new program…)!

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Certification in Other Therapies – Where to Go?

This is a topic I struggle with in a huge way…  There are SO many places recreation professionals can obtain certification in what I will refer to as Other Therapies (aka Specialities).  So why is this a problem?  I mean, who complains about a lot of opportunities?  I do.  The girl who easily becomes distracted online and follows the silver ball across the internet.  Because of the abundance of opportunities, how do we guarantee that the ones we register for will be recognized by our professional associations?  How do we ensure our investments will serve us well?

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