Subscriptions – Added!

Though I realize this isn’t the most active blog at this point (HINT, HINT, I’m looking for people, places, or things to post about!!), however, I’ve finally had a minute to sit down and focus on turning on the subscription service for this blog (yes, it really was simple, but learning WordPress is like learning a new program…)!

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Sex & Sexual Expression: Capacity and Consent

Today I had the excellent opportunity to attend a professional information program on the topic of Capacity and Consent.  Put together by Sage Seniors Association, two panelists (a sexual health educator/counsellor and a social worker) discussed and took questions regarding the issue of capacity and how it impacts our ability to consent to sexual activity.

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Talkin’ About the Old Days…

We all know the many benefits of reminiscing…  I’m not here to talk about that,  what I am here for is to share: Reminiscing Kits!

Our recreation department recently picked up one of these reminiscing kits from the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre.  When I first saw the kit open, I actually felt a little disappointed, the items looked very random and some of the items were damaged (yes, I realize the use they get, and it makes sense, it just makes me sad that eventually, these items will be so far gone some day that they won’t be usable)…  However, once I took everything out and set it up nicely on the tables, I quickly changed my opinion.  There were all kinds of random items, but everything fit together quite well!

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Certification in Other Therapies – Where to Go?

This is a topic I struggle with in a huge way…  There are SO many places recreation professionals can obtain certification in what I will refer to as Other Therapies (aka Specialities).  So why is this a problem?  I mean, who complains about a lot of opportunities?  I do.  The girl who easily becomes distracted online and follows the silver ball across the internet.  Because of the abundance of opportunities, how do we guarantee that the ones we register for will be recognized by our professional associations?  How do we ensure our investments will serve us well?

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