What kind of promotional products do YOU like?

Do you like free pens and sticky note pads as much as I do?!

I’ve spent the last month surveying as many healthcare professionals as I can, trying to find out which promotional products really are being utilized.  I would say that I’m a functional or logical person, I like things in my life to serve a purpose.  Don’t get me wrong, I love free stuff, but I don’t like free stuff that has no functional value.

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So then, what is the point of this blog?

It all started with my final assignment for one of my TR specific courses; literature summary of evidence-based practice in therapeutic recreation and a resulting project that related back to that evidence.  Several of my classmates focused on intervention resources, but I wanted to hone in on our entire profession and the importance of being recognized as an essential part of the healthcare team.
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What is Recreation Therapy?

Ever think about the connection between health and recreation?

Consider this: children cope better with being hospitalized when given a chance to play.  People recovering from physical injuries or adapting to disabilities stay healthier longer when they are physically and socially active.  Older adults maintain a sharper mind and a higher level of social involvement when they recreate.   Continue reading “What is Recreation Therapy?”