Population Specific Resources


Population Specific Resource Links:
Addictions & Mental Health:
Alberta Health Services (April 2017) has compiled a list of mobile apps for use in addictions and mental health in this downloadable PDF directory, check it out!
Bullet Journaling for Mental Health – How to Use a Bullet Journal for Better Mental Health.
Asbestos.com, a web resource that provides information about senior health, caregivers, and mesothelioma.
Learning About Leisure through Activities (Children’s Activity Book) – A printable eBook created by DannyPettry.com.
Mindful Music Program – The Mindful Music program is designed to provide personalized music intervention to stimulate the person with dementia’s memory, provide meaningful engagement through auditory stimulation, and support self-expression and identity. The playlist is designed based on the client’s current and past musical interests with the input of not only the client but caregivers and care partners as well.
St. Christopher’s Toolkit for implementing the Namaste Care program for people with advanced dementia living in care homes.
Palliative Care & Hospice:
Canadian Virtual Hospice – Information and support on palliative and end of life care, loss and grief.  You can find research, education opportunities, and support on this website.
Tools for Change is a resource that was created by the Quality Palliative Care in Long-Term Care (QPC-LTC) Alliance to guide long-term care homes in Canada that are creating their own formalized palliative care programs.
Seniors and Older Adults:
Activity Connection – “The premier online activity resource for activity and recreation professionals.”  I back this claim; for roughly $150/year, you can basically have ALL of your programming needs at the tips of your fingers, every month!
The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging – Events, Leadership, Research, and Resources.
Creative Aging (infographic here)!  The Senior’s Council has put together the Arts & Aging Toolkit (I’ve linked the Edmonton version), which looks incredibly valuable!   Finally, download the complete manual here: Designing and Delivering Arts Programs for Older Adult Learners: Manual for Artist Training in Arts and Aging.
Golden Carers – Similar to ActivityConnection.com, Golden Carers provides support and inspiration to Activity Coordinators working in senior care. I currently only access their free materials, but another online resource I think is invaluable.
Nestle Reminiscing Pack – The Nestlé UK & Ireland archive has been inundated with requests from carers and reminiscence groups who want historical packaging to help prompt happy memories among patients diagnosed with dementia, or memory problems. In response to this demand, they put together downloadable reminiscing packs that use some of the most beautiful items from the archives to create a versatile, varied sensory experience.
Through a new partnership between Age Friendly Edmonton and AHS, an exciting new program has been developed with seniors in mind.  This innovative program creates opportunities for seniors to socialize, learn new skills and stay connected through interactive phone-based social and health programming, free of charge: Seniors’ Centre without Walls.
The Rural Route to Active Aging: A Guide for People Who Want to Stay Active as They Age
Preventing Falls Through Physical Activity: A Guide for People Working with Older Adults
FAME – Fitness And Mobility Exercise Program: A community-based Group Exercise Program for People Living with Stroke, GUIDELINES & MANUAL – A note on the facilitation of FAME: Recreation professionals that implement FAME should only do so under the direction of a Physical Therapist, in a clinical rehabilitation setting, and have additional education and experience.