Recreation Resource Links

Recreation Resource Links:
Activity Directors Office – All sorts of information, freebies for download, archives, and more.
Amy Speech & Language Therapy – Communication boards and visual aids available for download.
Glossary for Recreation Therapy and Occupational Therapy – Credit: David R. Austin
Leisure Information Network – Master Plans, Policies, and Templates for Parks & Recreation Practitioners.
Pinterest – Enough said!  Everyone knows how incredible Pinterest can be and for most recreation professionals, it can be a goldmine for ideas and inspiration.
Re-Imagining Long-Term Residential Care – An international study of promising practices; Incredible study – Links page has several useful connections.
Recreational Therapy – A place for all things Recreational Therapy (Reddit)
Therapeutic Recreation Directory – A fantastic website full of resources, activity ideas, information, links, and more.
Therapeutic Sites of Interest – A very good list of resources put together by ATRA.
Widget Health – Easy read and communication support for healthcare and medical professionals
Wilderdom – “A project in natural living & transformation”.  Recommended by a fellow recreation professional, this website focuses on adventure therapy.  Check them out, there is a ton of information, research discussion, and several program and activity ideas.
Recreation Blogs & Websites:
Playfully Practical Blog – The girl who runs this blog doesn’t know it yet, but I may have a crush on her.  She posts weekly program inspirations and more!
Jeanne Linter Resources for Elder Care – Created by a fellow recreation professional, this website focuses on reading with children and music with the elderly.
Life in Full Blog – A blog on Recreation Therapy: Overcoming Barriers and Enhancing Quality of Life Through Meaningful Leisure.
Recreation Therapy Blog – This blog hasn’t been updated since 2014, but does have many posts that link to very useful information and videos that promote TR.
i am a recreational therapist blog – This blog hasn’t been updated since 2015, but seems to have a huge variety of posts that could provide to be useful.
Recreation Therapy Ideas Blog – This blog hasn’t been updated since 2015, but there are some great activity ideas listed.
What the Rec – The author of this blog and I have the exact same idea! Check out her resources, specifically tailored to the geriatric population.
Recreation FaceBook Pages:
Activities Calendar Exchange – ACE(5000+ members – get new ideas for your monthly calendars)
Activities Directors – Pen Pals Exchange
Activity Books and In-Services
Activity Directors Resources – ADR
Activity Directors Sharing Photos (photos of completed craft projects, special events and more)
Adult Day Services – Activities and Articles
Assisted Living – Activities and More
Be Fit – Body, Mind and Spirit (Tips/articles on keeping yourself healthy)
CNA’s Continuing Education (A page for educating your nursing assistants)
Did You Know? (Interesting and entertaining facts related to each month to read and discuss)
Meaningful Activities for Persons with a Dementia
Mindfulness Now (Learn all about the practice of mindfulness – teach your residents/patients)
One to One Activities for Older Adults
Quotes for Activity Directors (to read and discuss)
Recreation/Activity Professionals – RAP (nearly 7000 activity professionals from around the world)
Resident and Family Council – Sharing Ideas That Work
Therapeutic Activities in a Hospice or Palliative Care Setting
Topics for Reminiscing/Discussion (with questions for each topic)
What Can I Do with My Rehab Patients?
Recreation Books:
The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens: Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula
The Big Book of EVEN MORE Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens: Inspiring Arts-Based Activities and Character Education Curricula
Therapeutic Recreation Processes and Techniques: Evidenced-Based Recreational Therapy Seventh Edition
Long-Term Care for Activity Professionals, Social Services Professionals, and Recreational Therapists Sixth Edition

Please be sure to send me a message of any recreation and leisure resources that should be added to this page!